Rogues: Tales from the Valley
by Lyda Woods, MFA, MA
"Join us to glue a kidnapper to a couch, sniff out an superpower, build a zombie puppet, and waltz with a giant hand," says Lyda Woods, author of "Rogues: Tales from the Valley," which has been running in the Ashland Daily Tidings for eight months, publ

Dawn Sequoia's life is in shambles. Although she won a patent at her Silicon Valley high tech job, she got laid off anyway. Jobless, she moves to Ashland to take care of her dying father but her sister tries to control her, her brother writes violent poetry, and her mother wears vagina puppets.  Amidst the family chaos, she stumbles across an explosive mystery.

"This is "Portlandia" for southern Oregon," says Woods, who began writing the column "to explore the variety of micro-cultures we live among, from Rodney Carrington-loving rodeo boys, to flash Cadillac yoginis, to budding filmmakers, to the underground drug industry, to the growing retirement community, to struggling college students, to Plaza fire dancers, and most of all the everyday people who live here."


Readers: Victoria Simone Stewart, Evalyn Hansen, Timothy Kelly, Will Churchill, Joe Suste, Cassandra Wass,Andrew Reilly,Jindati Doelter, Nanci Campbell,

May 25, 2015
6:30 PM
Ashland Library, Gresham Room



As in previous years will be no Atelier in July or December.