Four by Grant Shepard
Four fast moving plays
by Grant Shepard
Wait a minute...What???

Rupert Baxter                   Will Churchill

Louellen                           Jeannine Grizzard

Hannah                            Presila Quimbly

Narrator                          Courntey Crawford

The Nephew
by Grant Shepard
Forget the big answers, these two can't even figure out the questions
  • Charles (The Uncle)                                Will Churchill

  • Jonathan (The Nephew)                            Rigo Jimenez
  • Narrattor                                           Tim Kelly
The Comeuppance
by Grant Shepard
Hey, don't blame the Professor ... man can only take so much temptation
Brian Messenger                             Tim Kelly
Joanna (Mrs Brian Messenger)       Jeannine Grizzard
Valerie Kolker                                  Courtney Crawford
Narrator                                           Maria Ciamaichelo
by Grant Shepard
As the Fog Lifts, so does his Ideals

Mrs. Stevens (Charlady)                Maria Ciamaichelo

Reverend Morhaus                        Tim Kelly

Dr Brandt (Psychiatrist)                  Priesila Quimbly

Mrs Morhaus                                  Jeannine Grizzard

Narrator                                          Will Churchill


March 31, 2014
6:30 PM
Gresham Room, Ashland Public Library



Since January 2010, the Playwright Actor Atelier has presented monthly readings of new plays by local writers.  Founder Bert Axel Anderson, together with Phil Loveless and Fred Tonge, formed the initial advisory group, joined over the years by others.  The time has come for the three of us to leave the group and make room for fresh ideas and new energy.  We thank all of you - playwrights, actors, audience - for your support.  It's been a fun four years. We'll see you at Atelier.

- Bert Axel Anderson, Phil Loveless, Fred Tonge

The new team here at the Playwrights' Atelier wishes to thank founders Bert Anderson, Phil Loveless, and Fred Tonge for bringing Ashland four fabulous years of free full length, one act, and ten-minute play readings. They brought us so many amazing presentations, and we are grateful for their dedication, time and effort in enhancing our theatre community. Beginning in January, we are eagerly looking forward to a brand new year of exciting play readings by local authors in 2014. We are dedicated to making the Playwrights' Atelier the best experience possible for all of those involved: audience members, playwrights, and actors alike. Please join us on the last Monday of every month in the Gresham Room of the Ashland Public Library as we move our community forward with this fun, creative endeavor. You're in for a treat.

-  Will Churchill, Dave Hill, Tim Kelly, Joseph Suste